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Each Jawi Tracing was made by the hands of design fabricators and defined Fabbguds' standards. In every fabrication, there will be a few that is defected and cannot be sold at full price. If you don't mind some defects, please buy them anyway! They would still have the same purpose and we do not like to waste materials =)

Please watch the videos to know each Sadaqah House and its defects. 

Why these Jawi Tracing are discounted:
A. Back side is yellow-ish and not flat
B. Crack surface on the front
C. Crack surface on the front
D. Uneven tracing depth, a scratch on the back side
E. A dent at the top front, scatches everywhere and a bit of putty
F. An obvious putty at the top, yellow spots here and there
G. Yellow-ish, uneven tones with marks and scratches, a long surface line on the back side
H. Yellow-ish, uneven tones with marks and scratches, putty here and there.
I. Yellow-ish, uneven tones with marks and scratches, putty here and there.

A product that motivates ‘to Learn’.
Jawi Tracing is designed to help children during the beginning stages of writing development. This tracing board offers endless opportunities to practice the Arabic alphabet. Other than using it on a table, this light wood can be used on a child’s lap.

3D printed pen holder and cap to make sure the wooden pen stays with the jawi board, all the time.
An angled drilled hole at the back can work as a wall hook.

Recommended Age: 3 years and above.

LxWxH Measurements:
460 (L) x 230 (W) x 18mm (H / Wood thickness)
* Please allow a 1-5mm difference due to fabrication limitations.

Light-coloured Solid Pinewood, finished with natural beeswax.

Care Instructions:
- Blow the dust away from the piece and wipe with a microfiber/non abrasive cloth to remove any fingerprints.
- Even though the wood is waxed which makes it water-resistant, it is best to be away from water. And, clean up any spills or food as soon as possible to avoid stains.
- Pine wood is an indoor wood, do not place under direct sunlight.
- Every product has its shelf life. But, once this product is starting to look less attractive, you can add some shine and extend its life by re-sanding the surface and adding another layer of wax, OR, a layer of paint!

Delivery information: All products will be posted out within 3 working days after purchase.
Delivery location: Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Brunei.

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