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Nyatoh Khat Deco

RM 349.00

Description: A home decorative piece that showcases the family members’ names in the form of Arabic Thuluth calligraphy.
Material: Nyatoh Solid Wood, Gold Acrylic (optional).
* Every wooden piece is unique and the colour or grain is selected randomly.
LxWxH Measurements: 11 x 11 inch (S), 17 x 22 inch (L)
* Please allow 1-10mm difference due to fabrication limitations.

Included in a box:
1. A wooden piece, with or without the gold acrylic inlay. A hook is installed to hang on walls.
2. A complimentary clear acrylic standee to place on tables.

Care Instructions: Airblow the dust away from the piece and wipe with a microfiber/non-abrasive cloth to remove any fingerprints.

Pre-order: 25th June - 4th July
Lead-time: 3 - 4 weeks
Delivery: Between 24th and 31st July

Note from Fabbgüds : Please include the names (following the number of names you have chosen) in the Customer's Remark section.