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Mini Decorations

RM 14.90

A product that drives ‘to up-cycle’

When we create products, unfortunately we create wastes too. But, we rarely throw them! We save them hoping we (or others) can create something else out of them because we believe one’s trash could be another's treasure. We use Fabbritory’s ‘leftovers’ from their projects and we make them into mini decorations for Raya or other events!

Designs: ‘Salam Aidilfitri’, Crescent, Big Star, Lantern, Small Stars
* Please note that one set doesn’t always include all the above, depending on what we can come up with. But, it includes at least 3 of the above.
Measurements / Size: Completely random
Materials: Coloured Acrylic, Balsa Wood

Pre-Order: 3rd - 13th March 2022
Delivery: Starting 14th March 2022
Delivery location: Worldwide from Malaysia.
*Except for wood, it can only be delivered to Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Brunei.